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Young financial advisor

“Clearly, wisdom, experience and a shock of grey hair come in handy when an advisor wants to exude a sense of confidence, trustworthiness and competence to a prospect. When potential clients are stressed or anxious, the age of an advisor becomes even more important. When there is a significant market downturn or adverse personal event, client openness to working with a younger-looking planner diminishes even further.” [Source] 

As a young financial advisor, you can’t change your date of birth. But there are strategies firms use to lessen the negative impact of your age on the client-advisor relationship and increase a client’s perception of your competence and trustworthiness.

The “team approach” is a prime example-the pairing of the younger advisor with the senior advisor. There is no shame in bringing in a senior advisor to assure clients that their life savings isn’t being put into the hands of a rookie intern.

Coupled with additional degrees and credentials such as a Master’s in financial planning and a CFP designation, the young financial advisor should exude confidence, show some passion in what he is doing and “look the part”…comfortable in professional dress and, (oh yes), research has shown that wearing glasses increases one’s perception of intelligence and trustworthiness!