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Junxure Cloud Released

[pullquote]...it is obvious that it was designed by developers that have a deep understanding of the RIA business[/pullquote]It has taken much longer than anticipated, but Junxure CRM (www.junxure.com), a firm that integrates CRM technology, consulting and training...

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FINRA Arbitration Fees to Rise?

FINRA has asked the SEC to approve a round of fee increases in its dispute resolution forum as it looks to boost pay for its force of around 6,300 arbitrators. The increase could add up to $400 per case. FINRA has not increased fees for arbitrators in 14 years. The...

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Surprise! Rule 2243 Pulled by FINRA

It’s back to the drawing board!! In a “surprise” move, FINRA has sent the controversial broker disclosure Rule 2243 back for revision. (The rule would have required brokers to tell clients about recruitment incentives they receive in excess of $100.000.) FINRA plans...

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OWS Top 10 Branch Managers

“In the mid-90s, it was about product education. In the early 2000s, it was about risk management and mitigation. In 2008, it was about explaining how we were going to navigate those treacherous waters. Throughout those years you were putting the client first. And as...

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Will More Community Banks Merge?

Community banks move to consolidate their charters in an effort to save money and streamline operations. Deciding when to consolidate and whether to keep multiple banks, can be a question of balance between cutting costs and avoiding disruption to a business. Many of...

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