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imageYou might recall last February when Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services introduced the first app for iPhones and Android phones which allowed their financial advisors to remotely access client accounts and respond to client questions.

This week, their tech team expanded the app, by coming up with a way those advisors can now open client accounts and do electronic trading for clients from anywhere. Furthermore, they can access multiple accounts, including those in a client portfolio outside of Fidelity. Basically, they can now have their office on their phone.

So, you might be wondering about security of the system. According to Fidelity Vice President and head of technology, Ed O’Brien, the security on the remote system is high with no data stored locally on the Smartphone, similar to that used in the office; records are tracked and recorded the same way, within one system.

Pretty amazing and to top it off, the system is reportedly easy to learn with no need for training programs beyond an online users’ guide. So, is there anything it can’t do that can be done in the office? Only one, according to O’Brien…can’t block trade for multiple accounts!

Well, you got to keep the tech team busy on something!