• Bill Willis Financial Advisor Recruiter

  • Current position: President and CEO of Willis Consulting.

    Responsibilities include setting the strategy, vision, culture and direction of the company to ensure success; manages the company’s capital, initiates partnerships, and hires senior management to steer the company accordingly. Serves as a member of OnWallStreet’s Recruiter Roundtable.

    Career history: Bill founded Willis Consulting, Inc. in 2000 after 25 successful years in the securities industry. He managed a complex of offices for Merrill Lynch in Southern California for a number of years and prior to that had leadership roles at Sutro and Prudential Securities in Tucson, San Antonio, Chicago and New York.

    Additional Information: Bill is the author of numerous articles published in premier trade journals, and writes a regular column for OnWallStreet. He is frequently interviewed by the financial service media regarding current trends within the industry. Bill and his wife, Karen reside in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, and have three sons, one who has a successful career in the financial service industry, and two who are attending college.