Thinking About Going Independent?

If you have ever considered going independent, there has never been a better time.

An unprecedented number of sophisticated firms are offering record breaking transition packages and incentives to attract successful advisors like you.

We urge you to watch the following video to better understand the superior economics of independence.

Bill Willis 3-9-2015

Author's imageBill Willis

breakaway-brokersIndependent Broker Model

There are approximately 110,000 independent financial advisors in the United States and the number continues to grow.

Clients are comfortable working with an independent broker that operates in this capacity.

Generally, independent breakaway firms offer financial advisors a very high payout, usually 70% to 90% depending on production level and the amount of services you pay for.

Making the Change to an Independent Broker

Today financial advisors considering independence have wide range of desirable options. Willis Consulting represents the best of breed in the independent, hybrid and RIA spaces. We have the expertise and experience to help you discreetly identify the optimal solution.

During our consultation we will work with you to help design your future firm. We will help you decide a category (independent broker dealer, hybrid, or RIA) and then introduce the best potential partners. We will serve as your advocate, helping you negotiate the best possible deals.

Whether you are ready to form your own firm or looking to join an established independent practice, Willis Consulting will help simplify the process and find the ideal conclusion.

*If you are a Branch Manager thinking about setting up an RIA office, contact us.

** If you are a Financial Advisor, to learn more about “breaking away” and moving your practice to an
independent broker model contact us.