Recruiters for Experienced FAs

Financial Advisor JobsBefore You Make a Change

Experienced financial advisors already know that before making any career change, it’s important to do your homework.

That’s why you ended up on our site.

You need to ask all the right questions, and make sure you’re getting the right answers.

  • Our Specialty

    Our client firms include brokerage firms, custodians, registered investment advisors, and banks. We specialize in the recruitment and placement of registered representatives and financial advisors.

    Our Mission

    Our primary mission is to place you with the firm that will best complement your career goals and objectives. We understand the “commitment to excellence” that you have made to your clients: Willis Consulting can help you fulfill that commitment.

    Our Goal

    Our goal is to help provide for the smoothest transition possible for you and your clients. Our team of recruiters will offer you a broad range of experience and skills that will provide credibility to your search.

  • We will provide you with up to date knowledge of the current industry climate regarding:

    Payout Grids Breakaways
    Transition packages Lift- outs
    Retention packages Plug-N-Plays
    FA Training Programs Hybrids
    Broker protocol RIA’s
    Breakaways Custodians


  • While building a relationship with you Willis Consulting will act as your consultant and coach.

    We take the issue of confidentially extremely serious; be assured that we will discreetly and professionally represent you and your clients needs. All fees are paid by the hiring firm and do not impact or affect the terms of your deal.

    If you are looking to make a move, or just thinking about it, we can help you determine the appropriate firm with the best transition package to ensure your success.

  • Note: we not only help financial advisors find the right place to grow their business, we help them find business partners, acquire other books of business, and develop succession or exit plans. For more information, contact us.